Fort Smith Pawn Services

Come Into Our Safe & Secure Pawn Shop

At Twin City Auto Pawn & Loan Co., we know the value of having a local pawn shop you can bring unwanted items to in exchange for cash. Whether you have one old bracelet you never wear or a whole cabinet full of unused guns left to you in a will, we would be happy to offer you a fair price. You don’t have to fill anything out and you don’t have to qualify for anything – all you have to do is bring us something of value to sell or pawn. We’ll explain and take care of the rest, making the process as easy as possible.

The services we offer include the following:

We Buy Gold, Silver & Jewelry!

One of our biggest areas of specialties is in jewelry and gold. We know that our customers have a lot of jewelry that goes unworn or simply could be “traded in” for something you like better. Our goal is to make the jewelry selling process as simple as possible for you when you come into our Fort Smith pawn shop. All you have to do is bring in the items you want to buy, we will handle the appraisal, and offer you a fair price. We are very proud of the reputation we have earned for our quick process and agreeable payments.

Interested in Pawning Your Vehicle?

When you need a larger amount of cash fast and don’t have anything you want to get rid of, pawning your car may be the answer. This type of loan is a collateral loan, so you don’t have to worry about your credit. Call us now at (479) 783-7296 to learn more!

Why Twin City Auto Pawn & Loan Co.?

  • 24 Hour Surveillance
  • Auto Loans Specialist
  • No Credit Required For Loans